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Security at Statue Cruises

Our Security Process

How long will it take to board the ferries after I receive my tickets?

Whether you have tickets printed at home or purchased tickets at one of the designated Ticket Booth areas, we recommend giving yourself a little extra time for the security screening facility prior to boarding. If time is a concern, then we strongly encourage using our Liberty State Park, New Jersey location for faster processing, boarding, convenient access and ample parking.

How much time does it take for the security screening process?

Depends on the number of people in the screening facility but once inside you can expect an average 5-10 minutes depending on the time of year. If you follow the security screening guidelines it will keep the line moving.

What are the security screening guidelines?

The security process is for your safety. The Park Police are responsible for insuring the safety of all visitors. The process is much faster if you are prepared. Visitors are to place all items containing metal into purses, jackets, and backpacks to expedite the security process. Visitors are to place all items containing metal in bins to allow Park Police personnel to screen items effectively. Jackets, boots, wallets, watches, keys, and loose change are all examples of items that must be removed to go through the x-ray machine.

The following items are prohibited:

  • All weapons, including:firearms, explosives, mace, knives and any "dual-use" items that could be dangerous. All of these items are strictly prohibited in the park and on the ferry system.
  • Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), drones and other similar remote-controlled flying devices or vehicles.
  • Large packages. Suitcases, carry-on luggage, coolers and other large parcels will not be permitted on the ferry systems or at Liberty and Ellis Islands.
  • Face masks and/or costumes which are designed to conceal the identity of a person are prohibited.
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